Mercedes Benz – Maybach


Tbilisi Vip Car Rental

The car photo is for informational purposes only. The color and characteristics of the car provided for rent may differ from the photos shown on the website. 

Mercedes Maybach – S Class

Tbilisi Vip Car Rental is like playing a cool simulator: the graphics are amazing and the local driving style keeps you in good shape. The roads are good: to Kakheti, Batumi, the Georgian Military Road, in general, all the main roads are in order. There are sections of soil between the regions, but they are not more than 10 km.

Tbilisi Vip Minibus Rental

Are you traveling with a large group, but do not have quite enough people to rent a charter bus or tour bus? If this is the case, our minibus rental service is a great option for you. We offer first-class minibus vehicles, in Tbilisi, Georgia. Our comfortable minibuses will seat up to 20 people.

Georgia Vip Minivan Rental

Minivan rentals are a great option for family vacations, business trips, or road trips. BestBus offers both standard minivans and first-class, business minivans for those traveling around Tbilisi, Georgia. These vehicles are highly comfortable, sleek, and practical. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our minivan rental option!


  • +Condition System
  • +Leather Salon
  • +Light interior
  • +Navigation System
  • +Very Сomfortable Seats
  • +Wifi